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01 May 2020 @ 12:48 pm
火ちゃん Productions was something I started by myself, so it's a one-person project. I'm basically a NEWS fan so the great majority of the video listed here will be NEWS. The 5 most recent video posts will be public the rest are friend-locked. If you want to friend me please send me a message. Make sure you can receive messages too or else I can't respond.

Other than the news_jpop community I'd rather not have my links posted anywhere else. Thanks.
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12 February 2017 @ 09:06 pm

released 2017.02.08

01. EMMA
02. Snow Dance
03. さくらガール -Represent NEWS Mix-
04. I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI -Represent NEWS Mix-
05. スノードロップ (Snow Drop)
27 January 2017 @ 08:08 pm
Hey everybody. My apologies for the lack of posts and unread messages. I finally finished checking all 100+ messages. If you messaged me regarding a friend request, you should be added back and should be able to view all the locked posts.

Some bad news, I lost most of my video links, so I'm afraid you won't find a lot of videos on my site anymore. Uploading everything takes too long so I've instead up uploaded all the softsubs. I think my self-made music videos should be okay though. Please do not message me for old videos.

Lastly I can't seem to find the time to maintain this journal and subbing so I'm afraid you won't find any video updates here anymore. The timing and editing just takes too long.  However, the great news is with the popularity of NEWS picking up there are also fabulous subbing teams being formed out there so you'll never run out of NEWS goodness. ;)

I will however be able to keep up with lyric translations so please feel free to pop by for those.

Happy 2017 everyone!
15 July 2016 @ 10:10 pm

released 2016.07.13